Video lectures to simplify the complexities of the MBBS syllabus

Founded by consultant doctors with the objective of fostering the careers of budding doctors for future, Master MBBS has succeeded in demystifying and simplifying the MBBS syllabus for students. Even after undergoing the most rigorous academic training, it is completely normal for MBBS students to feel under-prepared as they head to the examination hall. As a group of experienced doctors who have found ourselves in similar situations in our academic lives, we have created lecture videos that will help MBBS students to prepare for examinations in a systematic manner.

The chapter-wise video lectures delivered by experienced medical faculty are intended to provide students with clarity on the MBBS curriculum that they may have otherwise missed. The students should be able to use these videos as a helpful reference point as they gear up for the challenging examinations. The effectiveness of these video lectures primarily centers on the simplicity and eloquence with which the faculty explain the most complex topics in the MBBS syllabus. In addition to instilling a sense of preparedness in students, the video lectures will also give each student the easiest access to essential learning points as they prepare for their exams. The videos allow students to cross check doubts in different areas.

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