1. The videos stop in between when I am viewing - This could be because of break in your internet connectivity or very low internet speed. Please check your internet connectivity and speed. Also try clicking on the settings icon on the lower right corner of the video and check if the video quality has been set to “auto”.

2. I have to relogin if I return to the site after some time – The site automatically logs out after a period of inactivity. This is to protect your account from unauthorised access.

3. My access stops when I click on another video and I have to relogin again – Please make sure you have not shared your password with anyone else.If a second person logs in using your id and password, your access will stop and the other person will gain access.

4. I cannot access my account simultaneously from two devices – You can access your account only from one device at a time. When you access from a second device, the access from the first device will stop.

5. I have forgotten my password - Please Click here

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