Video lectures to simplify the complexities of the MBBS syllabus

Medical Learning made simple

Dear  Medical Students, 
Our country churns out approximately  60,000 medical graduates per year , leading to an extremely competitive professional field. Only a few turn out to be great doctors , great innovators and great humanitarians. 
In my 45 years of training medical students, I have found that what makes a difference between a great doctor and an average doctor is the foundation that is laid in the early years of his or her medical learning. Those who get their basic learning right ,go on to become pioneers and legends in the field of medicine they choose. 
A rock solid foundation is the first step to creating a master doctor.  
Being overwhelmed by the amount of study material is what generates fatigue and disinterest in the average medical student. 
We, at mastermbbs, believe that students don’t do well , sitting in a classroom , getting crammed with hours of information. They learn well if you give them bite sized chunks of knowledge and repeat them over time. 
Inspiring to learn and how to learn is an art. 
A good teacher can inspire , create love for a subject and make learning easy. Mastermbbs is a novel venture to try and create better doctors for tomorrow by making medical education easy , simple and interesting. 
We have selected faculty who are loved by their students for their ability to simplify medical learning in the classroom.  
We, in a series of video lectures covering the whole mbbs curriculum , have captured the essence of their teaching. We hope to make a new generation of doctors whose knowledge shall overcome the darkness of disease. 
Happy learning and best wishes from the mastermbbs team. 

Prof . Dr . S . Vaidyanathan,
Prof and Head of the Department of Surgery,(Retd.)
Govt Medical College , Kottayam 
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi.
Mentor of the mastermbbs initiative


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